Last night I had just layed down in bed when I started thinking about the Land of the Lost TV show (I don’t know why – I stopped asking why). Specifically, I remembered the one reptilian Sleestak that wore gold, had the little room with the colored crystals and helped the family, rather than tried to kill them like all the OTHER Sleestak. Why was he different? I couldn’t remember. I asked John, but he didn’t remember either, and since he knew it would keep me up all night *grin*, he went to the internet and found the Land of the Lost Faq. Ask, and ye shall receive…

“That would be Enik, my main man who wears the sporty disco vest and can speak English with the best of them. He sort of ended up in the Land of the Lost like the Marshalls, except he fell through a time doorway and got stuck with all his stupid descendants running around trying to kill him off. He came from the past, where all Sleestak were intelligent and peaceful, and was horrified to see that his descendant were violent and really unskilled marksmen.” Ahhhhh!

We also ‘remembered’/found out that the crystal thing was called a matrix table and could change the weather, finally understood what a pylon was, and filled in the names of the dinosaurs that we couldn’t remember. It was quite the detail filled world, it was! In any case, I was finally able to sleep, and I don’t think I dreamed about it, which is probably a good thing – the Sleestak used to freak me out completely – that hissing! *shudder*

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