Just a few odds and ends… Last night, just before dusk, we went outside with the dogs and while the dogs ran in the other direction, probably chasing squirrels, I noticed movement on a nearby tree. Peering closer, I spotted a raccoon looking back at us, unhurriedly and silently making his way up the side of the tree. There are a number of them around our house, but we’d never seen one in the daylight before, only in the beam of a flashlight, and usually running away – LOL.

After the raccoon fully disappeared into the tree, I happened to look up into the sky because something ELSE caught my attention – something shiny, but not an airplane. (I was always easily distracted by shiny objects – heh.) I pointed it out to John. Turned out to be a mylar balloon with a long string on it, just floating along about 100 feet up in the air, glinting in the setting sun. What’s even funnier is that this morning when John came back from his walk with the dogs, he had said balloon in hand. Apparently it had come to rest just on the other side of our dry creekbed and the string/streamers had gotten tangled in some grasses there. It says “Happy Birthday” with a huge exclamation point. *shrug*

In the immortal words of Hank Scorpio, “Can’t argue with the little things – it’s the little things that make up life.”

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