I love diners. There’s one in Syracuse, NY called the Little Gem Diner that my friends and I used to visit. It’s open 24 hours, every day of the year and doesn’t even have a lock on the front door (well, last I KNEW). It’s one of those diners with silver reflective paneling all over that makes you feel like you’re in a train car, and where the local cops come to eat when they get off their shifts. I haven’t seen any diners quite like it out here on the West Coast, but the place where I took this photograph is as close as locally possible. It’s a chain restaurant, but there’s only like 20 of them – not like a Denny’s. Anyway, if you can order pot roast and mashed potatoes in a restaurant and it has counter stools, I’ll let myself call it a diner. The silver reflective paneling is an added bonus. *grin*

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