We spent a few hours this morning getting a dead mouse and all of its nesting material out of the ventilation system in my Honda Civic. John did all of the hard parts – dismantling the blower assembly and then sticking his rubber gloved hand into the tunnels to dislodge the carcass, etc. I kept the flies at bay, got tools, sat with him and discussed things to keep it fun, etc. I won’t even tell what the worst part of the job was, because I just don’t want people searching for it and finding my weblog because of it. *grin*

The upside of all of this is, of course, that we can now travel the usual half hour drive into town, in this heat, with the air conditioner and the vents ON. There’s nothing that wears me down more quickly than intense sunlight and hot air – makes my entire being want to crawl into a cave until nightfall. (I think I must have died in the desert in one of my other lives – once when I was at a North Carolina beach I started to have a little stress-induced asthma because there was just no SHADE anywhere – no TREES – and it was really HOT that day. But anyway…) The OTHER upshot is that we’re going to be traveling into town in A/C to sit in an A/C’d theater to watch SpiderMan this afternoon. My buttered popcorn sense is tingling! (EGAD – that was one of the lamest jokes EVER – I apologize right now – not enough to actually delete it though – ROFL.)

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