My intuition often ‘speaks’ to me through song lyrics. Not just when I hear something on the radio, but when a tune I know sticks in my head and replays the same lines over and over. Sometimes it takes me a few moments to stop and really LISTEN to what words I’m saying, and usually it’s applicable to where I am in my life at the moment.

And then there are OTHER times when I have a tune stuck in my head, and don’t really SEE any connection to some ‘inner truth’. Doesn’t mean it’s not there, but I have a suspicion that sometimes it might just be the rhythm or idea of the tune itself that my brain likes to play with. In any case, someone’s come up with a name for it – LOL – Stuck Tune Syndrome (at last, a syndrome custom made for me!) But be careful – there are a lot of songs mentioned in the article and you’ll probably have at least one or two stuck in your head all day, just from reading the TITLES. Unless, of course, you’re immune to STS. 😉

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