The following story is true. And by true I mean, well, true – it really happened to me, and although I’m still somewhat embarrassed, I can’t NOT tell it. LOL. Ahem. Last night, as usual in California, I had been drinking a lot of water and needed to use the facilities. So I went into the bathroom, yadda yadda, and as I was standing and went to flush, my gaze dropped down into the bowl momentarily… only to find two eyes staring back UP at me! *grin* I jumped a little, I’m not ashamed to say, but I didn’t scream – LOL.

Along the front, top rim of the bowl was a pacific tree frog, body less than an inch long, legs and sucker feet spread and clinging to the porcelain, staring up, trying to look inconspicuous. “John!” I laughed, “There’s a… a… FROG in the toilet!” He laughed and ran over. And then he laughed harder when I told him I’d already used the facilities with it there! (I’m sorry, but I DO have to mention that what the bowl contained really was a lot like just water because of the amount I’d been drinking, so it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it could have been.) He easily (and cleanly) grabbed the little frog, and we let him go outside.

Of course, I know this sets me up for, not the Butt Spider Urban Legend (Glutious Arachnis – the spider that waits under the seat to bite your backside), but a Frog equivalent. By the way, we have a septic system and frogs get down there all the time – this guy must have just decided to take a trip UP the pipe.

All in all, I’m really glad of one thing – that he just stayed where he was and didn’t jump on my butt while I was sitting there – see, it was a chilly night, and pacific tree frogs like the heat that humans give off. That would have been…. let’s just say… much worse. And I’m sure, had that been the case, I certainly WOULD have screamed. *grin*

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