I told you guys about having ripped the wall to wall carpeting out of the bathroom a few days ago. John and I then decided we’d paint the concrete floor underneath. We tossed around a lot of ideas and colors, but I was mostly tickled with the idea of a light color (off white or pale peach/pink as the walls are peach) and a terra cota color.

Today I went to the local Ace Hardware store and nosed around – most gallons of paint are $15+ and we didn’t even want to spend THAT much on this little floor. So I left the store and noticed a SECOND discount bin outside that I had missed on the way in. In the bin was a gallon of pale pink/peach paint that said “Oops” on the lid – apparently someone had miss-mixed the paint. And a smaller pint size can of TERRA COTA colored paint. Those were the only two cans there! When I went inside to pay for them, one of the clerks pointed to the gallon can and said that she had just mixed that up this very morning – by mistake of course – heh heh.

And the best part? Both cans of paint cost me a total of $1.50 plus tax. Perfect! (If you don’t hear from John or I in a few days we’ve probably painted ourselves into a corner by the bathtub and are waiting for the floor to dry – LOL!)

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