Thoughts are like clothes. Just as you don’t confuse your identity with your shirt, don’t confuse who you are with the thoughts you might choose to think in any moment. Sick of something? Then choose a different thought about that something. Try it on for a while – if you like it, take it home. If it’s not an exact fit, put it back on the rack, smile politely at the salesperson and offer a nice, “Still looking, thanks”. If you find yourself trying to fit into a thought that’s just NOT your size, you’ll feel cranky and annoyed – that’s a red flag. Don’t believe any experts or officials who tell you that there just aren’t any thoughts/beliefs like you want (they don’t know everything, despite the rumours) and don’t accept anything less than exactly the thought that feels perfect. In other words – believe in yourself and don’t get distracted or settle. 🙂

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