Yesterday I made a simple pair of knit pants for myself. Nothing major, nothing fancy. But the fabric is really soft, it’s a dark rich BLACK, they are exactly long enough for me (being 5’8″), and they are cut with exactly me in mind. I’m deliriously happy! *grin* They easily outstrip any pants I’ve BOUGHT over the last few years in quality, which still boggles my mind. And the best part? I got the fabric on sale for a dollar a yard. Heh heh.

The day before that I made a simply tunic top out of black panne velvet that came out excellently as well – I’m getting the hang of how to sew on stretchy fabric for the best results. Still in the works is a more ‘dressy’ shirt made out of this crepe-like striped black flowy fabric, combined with black velveteen – not sure how to finish off the bottom – just cutting it off straight across seems too severe somehow. And yes, those fabrics were quite the sale fabrics too. (At this point that’s half the fun!) I don’t have any idea where I’d wear the dressier shirt yet, but I’ll be ready when I do – LOL.

BTW, can you tell that I’ve had black thread in the sewing machine for a bit? LOL. Anyway – making my own clothes has been really illuminating. I mean – I look at the stuff advertised in the Gap and Old Navy Commercials (what’s up with those ridiculous hats they’re trying to push for Christmas – what the hell?) and, well, let’s just say I like MY clothes a lot better. Which is probably a good thing, eh? 😉

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