About the plane crash in Queens…. symbolically speaking… My first sense of this was that it was created (in general) as a means of releasing a lot of the tension caused by the fears from 9/11, all the FBI ‘be alert’ warnings, the anthrax issue, etc. It was a vibe SIMILAR to the crashes of 911, but still different. (My ‘hope/desire’ is that it was ‘just’ mechanical failure.) Then I read this paragraph in an online community board:

“It’s so hard to communicate to people what it’s like to live here: my mailman wears rubber gloves, random bomb threats, friends who had to take Cipro having the (mis)fortune to work at NBC and the New York Times, and the loss of friends in the Trade Center itself. As I spoke to my mother last night, I said, sadly, I almost wished something would happen already so I could relax just for a little while.”

Mind you, I’m talking about this from a ‘large view, reality creation’ perspective, not an individual perspective. What’s also interesting is that last night I was a little tense and ‘off’. Years ago, John and I used to joke about that being the “Kristen effect” – when you felt something was ‘coming in’ but that it hadn’t happened yet. I don’t remember much of how I was feeling the day before 9/11 (that would be 9/10), but I remember not getting much sleep around then, even before it happened. I’ve got to start paying more attention to that feeling, maybe even starting to tune in on this stuff ahead of time, if I want to. Hmmm.

My thoughts go out to all those who are experiencing this event more directly in their lives.

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