I’ve figured out the difference between tv shows (and movies) that I like and those that I don’t. The former are based on discovery of one kind or another, the latter are based on struggle in one form or another. Those that I like: Star Trek TNG, Voyager, Enterprise, all about discovery. Star Trek Deep Space Nine – didn’t like it at all – based on struggle. As a kid I loved the original Star Trek, and even Gilligan’s Island – call me loopy – but it was also based on discovery – they had to create EVERYTHING they did – inventions, explorations, – they weren’t struggling to survive (it was a tropical island full of coconuts – LOL) at all. The X-Files (when it was good) was about discovery too. Most ‘family comedies’ now are about struggle and it’s actually painful to watch them, even if they’re trying to be funny. Even shows and movies about SELF discovery are acceptable. (I think ye olde writers might have called it ‘character development.) That’s what, in my mind, separates the ‘good’ Simpsons episodes from the lame ones.

That’s my rant for the moment – more later as I damn well please or don’t please – LOL!

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