It’s rather reaffirming to get a clothes catalog in the mail and realize that you’ve been sewing clothes VERY similar to what they offer. Not that I thought I was making any kind of FREAK clothes or anything, most of the pieces being pretty basic, but it’s reaffirming anyway. And it’s kinda funny seeing a basic tunic shirt out of cotton fabric go for $38 when I’ve been making them for like $5 tops – LOL.

Lately, I’ve been working on something a little more complex, which is turning into a kind of artist’s shirt made out of (my mother would die) PALE PURPLE (I won’t say lavender, I won’t) crinkly fabric. I made poofy sleeves with drawstring closures and everything. I wouldn’t usually get pale purple fabric of any kind, but the fabric was there, was on sale, and it looked… intriguing – as much as a fabric can be intriguing.

Anyway – soon I’ll create a life to justify the nicer clothes I’m making now. Isn’t that how you do it – clothes first, then lifestyle? Yes? 😉

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