I don’t really know that I’d WANT my car to ‘share’ my mood or get into the emotional stream of things. When I get into my car my energy sort of BECOMES the car – I don’t think in terms of operating some mechanism, it’s a fluid symbiotic thing that goes beyond passing moods. It’s almost as if this kind of thing is about the driver feeling less lonely, but the core belief behind that is that a lone driver DOES feel lonely. I don’t feel lonely when I drive. And I don’t feel cut off and lonely because I don’t have a cell phone either (not that everyone who has one does it for that reason, of course). There’s such a thing as connecting with yourself and your OWN energy and the car is a place I’ve always done that well and felt really ‘aligned’ there. The pod car linked above does sound CUTE though and it would be amusing to see OTHER people driving them on the road… at least for a little while – LOL.

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