I was scouting about, looking for blogs of people who seemed to have interests in making/having interesting clothing (renaissance-ish, etc.) and I ran across jessajune. Reading her most recent entry, I was laughing at her laughing at how people think ponies are “cute” – cuz my friend “B” had a shetland pony when she was a kid back in West Virginia and told me that everytime she tried to ride it they’d go through this series of obstacles where he’d try to brush her off against this hedge, then that, then try to knock her off on a low branch, until they both settled down. She would lay on his back and read a book and not make him walk and he would stand there and not try to knock her off. *grin* She also said that the pony lived a long time even after she moved away and got married, but when he died in her parents large back yard, her father just threw lime and a tarp over the corpse. Many many years later, that ‘mound’ is now a gorgeous flower garden that I actually saw in person – it was strange thinking of a pony skeleton being under all those gladiolas and mums.

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