I had remembered something from a long time ago about how when planes crash, they tend to be UNUSUALLY empty or have a lot of no shows. (This goes for any disaster – the WTC too) I searched for a lot of things in google, but “statistics passengers plane crash ESP no show” (LOL) came up with this link from a kundalini-tantra site which I excerpt:

Some people perceive aspects of the future which are directly important to their welfare and sometimes people see events in the future which are remote from them involving the lives of others. Much of this type of information cannot have come from knowledge available to the individual and subsequent thought processes determining a future event. One of the better examples of this comes from the airline industry. In spite of their excellent safety record, airplanes do crash. Out of these sad statistics comes a small light of hope. Analysis of the seating population of airplanes that crash vs. airplanes that don’t crash indicates 30 percent of the normal passengers decide not to go on that plane. In other words, planes that crash have about 30 percent fewer people on them than on planes that don’t crash. People cancel on these death trips in a number of ways. Some planes just don’t sell a full load of tickets. Other planes have large amounts of no- shows. Others cancel tickets at the last minute, change their flight plans, etc. The fact is that at some level, people are aware of the future of that plane and react to it, saving their lives. How many people get on the plane knowing it will crash and ignoring the information because we have been taught that to follow such a hunch is wrong. Now, no one on that plane from passenger to pilot can possibly know that a bolt is cracked and will fail this flight. Not even the chief mechanic, the F.A.A., nor the manufacturer may be aware of even the slightest problem. And yet, somehow, some way, some of the passengers get the message and save their lives. Actually, a fairly large statistical group, large enough that a half- empty plane should set up a red flag for all on board. Since it is clearly impossible to know about the mechanical failure or other random event about to happen, these planes should be as full as the average and not significantly emptier. Where does this information cone from? Science does not yet have a functional answer.

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