When I first started reading stuff in the ‘new age’ area there was a lot of crap in it about worldwide destruction and dire predictions. I imagined what it would be like if suddenly all the things I thought of as THE WORLD were just gone – no history, no pyramids in egypt, no niagara falls, no taj mahal…. all of it lost. It was staggering, and in some way in helped me losen up my hold on physical things as a ‘center’ for myself. Well, that’s about as close as I can come to imagining what it’s like for someone who lived/lives in NYC all their lives and to have the World Trade Center Towers just GONE. It’s almost easier to believe it was a well-crafted plan by OUR side just to get us into a war than to think that terrorists could plan and execute this. In any case – lots of fears come up to be faced and I’m sure we’ll gain a larger perspective on things as we go. Taking one step at a time….

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