What is there to say? John was getting ready for work this morning and I was reading one of the posts on our list and it said something about NYC and Washington DC and I said, “What happened?” … went to metafilter (which isn’t responding right now – the server’s in NYC and the lines are probably completely overloaded) only to hear that the WORLD TRADE CENTER – both towers had collapsed after being hit by commercial airplanes, and the Pentagon too. Yeah. The thing is, John is FROM NYC – he worked on Wall Street for many years, just a few blocks from the towers. And his brother is a bus driver from Brooklyn to Manhattan – haven’t heard from him yet, but we think he’s okay. Still just rolling with all the energy flying around with this, as I’m sure most people are, at least in the Western World. I’m trying to picture the NYC skyline without the towers now. That’s all for now.

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