Yesterday I took a fresh look at the idea of what has meaning for me. I get rather frustrated and annoyed if I’m engaged in an activity that is busy work without any kind of personal relevance. The funny part is that I’ve been lamenting the LACK of meaning and direction in certain parts of my life, but all I had to do was flip it over. Realizing I didn’t have meaning, gave me a purpose to look for it! *grin* I suppose I could have sat on my ass for a while longer complaining, but that was getting boring too – heh heh.

I love creating beautiful things – pulling together elements to create a new, harmonious whole, whether it’s an art project or a bunch of friends just hanging out. Maybe it’s the Libra in me – LOL. It’s not just the act of, say, painting that’s fun, but the process I undergo while I’m moving that paintbrush, for instance. And putting together NEW elements is really exciting and kinda ‘living on the edge’ of something I haven’t done before. An example – I can sew reasonably well, although I haven’t really done many clothes at all, and certainly not recently. The last thing I really sewed had been some square pillows for my futon, which I haven’t had in five years – LOL. But I was inspired to get this fabric and ended up sewing up a ‘commoner’s vest’ for John – and adding gold trim and brass eyelets and black cord and it came out looking SO cool. I wouldn’t want to just say “I’m a writer.” or “I’m a painter.” because that seems to limit me to form. Hmmm – maybe I can say, “I’m a creator/harmonizer” – that shouldn’t confuse anyone, eh? *grin* Anyway – those are my thoughts du jour.

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