There’s nothing quite like the smell of Elmer’s Glue to take me back to days of sitting at my mom’s kitchen table. She’d save up greeting cards from all year, especially Christmas, and then let us cut them up and glue them together in collages. (Later on, we’d take the Christmas cards, cut out the cool images, punch a hole in one end, thread it with yarn and then use them as tags on gifts. But that wasn’t a glue memory – LOL – But anyway, back to the glue – *grin* – John’s constructing a new kind of solar oven right now and is gluing aluminum foil to cardboard, which is what brought this up.) In elementary school, kids used to smear Elmer’s glue all over one of their hands, let it dry, and then peel it off like a mold. I never did it myself, having mortal fear of running out of time while still having wet glue on my hand and then having to explain to the teacher that I had to go to the bathroom while trying not to ‘tip my hand’ – heh heh. That’s all for now – must go continue to sniff glue…. 😉

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