Some things just boggle the mind. Radio people are analyzing how well Gary Condit (sp?) did in his interview with Connie Chung by talking about his gestures and level of nervousness and are focusing more on how he SHOULD have done the interview to get the response he wanted. They are basically discussing how good of a job he did with manipulating the public based on his answers and bodily movement. It struck me that these analysts are at least one HUGE step away from the basic problem – that politicians are trained to manipulate the public to get the reactions they want and the votes that will keep them their jobs and aren’t (in general) people of integrity, being honest, and working for the people. Now, I’m not SURPRISED by the politicians, but it seems that the radio people have all accepted that this is just the way politicians are, and that makes me shudder in incredulity. I think Default/Mass Reality is just getting STUPIDER and STUPIDER – that’s my well-thought-out, witty, clever, intellectual, and reasoned response to this – LOL.

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