Happy 2nd Birthday, Blogger! It’s funny – I always feel like I come late to these kinds of web trends, that everyone else pretty much already had a weblog before I even thought of starting one or knew what they were. But my weblog is already a year old and blogger’s only two – that really puts things in new perspective for me!

And I guess I can fully announce that project I’ve been working on now – it’s a collaborative weblog focusing on writing! It’s called the Writers Blog (link in left column too) and while we’re still getting people signed up and onboard with blogger, it’s starting to lift off the ground now. I don’t really know what deliciousness will come of it, but I’m expecting it to be interesting at the very least! An intriguing point is that the people I’ve thought to invite cover many different areas of my life – my life in NY, in NC, in WA, and now in CA as well – all together in one blog. From a completely ‘ego’ based perspective, I wonder how these many aspects of ‘my’ life will interact – it’ll be fun watching people go off in creative directions, including myself!

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