I got a good laugh this morning – someone actually sent me (well, “webmaster”) a copy of their resume and asked if there was anything they could do for our organization and that they wanted to get out of NYC. It’s not that the resume itself wasn’t ripe with experiences, of course, it’s just that I’m not all that dazzled with this person’s research skills… considering that “our organization” is John and me on our personal computer, and all the stuff on our main web site (besides the mugs and t-shirts) are all free for the clicking. Having said this, I’m developing a policy that email from people who haven’t really looked at the site (this especially includes people who send submissions for the cc journal that aren’t within the specifically stated guidelines and don’t even have my name in the greeting (it’s all on the guidelines page, folks!)) gets deleted without a response. If they don’t have time, then I don’t have time either. heh heh.

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