(Ramble Mode On) It’s been really hot (hit 110 in neighboring town of Gilroy yesterday) and actually HUMID (for California) – which really just means that it doesn’t cool off at night much. Which means I haven’t been sleeping much and I feel kinda groggy and dazed right now – I got up early because there was no use trying to go back to sleep since it’s already warm and moist in here. (Please note that this is RELATIVE humidity and while its humid for CA it’s NOT humid for the east coast. Humid for the east coast is when you walk outside and water just starts running down your scalp and you can’t breath without a/c. But then, it doesn’t usually get quite this HOT over there either – choose your evil.)

Yesterday I decided to spend the day in air conditioning – drove John to work and stayed in the hospital cafeteria area all day. Which was fun because I got to hang out with John and our friend Jill on their breaks, and they brought me food and popcicles – LOL. And last night I actually felt like eating some real dinner instead of just drinking cold liquids.

On one hand, I’ve decided to rise above the heat psychologically and not get annoyed and flustered by it – it’s actually a relief not to “have to” react like that. On the other hand, sleeps been tough, and although I appreciate the clouds streaking through the skies I am still glad temperatures are now on a DOWNturn because spending the day spraying myself with water and exchanging sympathetic looks with the panting dogs isn’t my idea of interesting. *grin*

Today’s also July 4th, Independence Day, and the major town nearby, Hollister, has an “Independence Rally” every year that involves thousands of motorcyclists (bikers, riders, etc.) coming into town and hanging out. You’ve never seen so many Harleys in your life. I’m expecting a lot of riders going up and down our road today.

Oh, but here was something really weird from yesterday. It felt like we switched probabilities when we left the hospital yesterday at about 6:30 p.m. It had been up to 110 (as I mentioned) and we were expecting severe warmth, but it was actually NOT hot, and nicely breezy. And then when we got to Hollister, we were expecting the streets to be full of traffic and bikers starting the celebrations early, but it was just like a normal day. Not that I’m COMPLAINING – LOL – just noticing. And anyway – Happy Independence Day to those who celebrate in the United States. (Ramble Mode Off)

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