Well, there’s a first time for everything! Let me first remind everyone that we live in a town of population 100, 12 miles away from our general store and post office, and at least 30 miles away from anything resembling a grocery store. It’s COUNTRY. The only noise we really hear from the road (which is a few thousand feet away from our house as well) are the rumble of motorcycles (usually on weekends) and trucks of all kinds. But today I stopped dead when I heard, get this, an actual POLICE/EMERGENCY siren – this is the FIRST EVER time I’ve heard one. Oh sure, local authorities busted a meth lab run by intruders on some nearby ranchers property recently, but they didn’t use sirens. And we’ve seen suspicious looking black SUVs with satellite dishes on top parked on the side of the road when officials were looking for dead bodies or suspects (where else to hide evidence but out in nowhere?), but no wailing noises. I can’t even imagine that if a cop were out here he’d BOTHER to bust someone for speeding – no speed limit signs on the road anywhere either. In fact, just a little past us, there are ‘free range cattle’ signs with many a bullet hole in them. (They probably read “we are cow, hear us moo” in braille.) So now all I have is some imaginative speculation – until our local weekly newspaper comes out again. Hey man, that siren’s GOT to be BIG NEWS!!! *grin*

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