Funny – have been thinking about goals lately. And about ‘stepping into’ the person I really want to be. I’d been kinda feeling like I was floundering a little. (As a rather ‘goal oriented’ individual, I find it somewhat disconcerting to NOT have a goal. Although sometimes NOT having a goal is just a precurser to finding one too. *grin*) Anyway, yesterday, I intuitively connected with the energy of my ‘future self’ – the person I want to be, and since then I feel like I’m being drawn forward MUCH faster.

It’s like when you’re on a drive and you don’t know where you are going. You can pretty much stop anywhere and do anything, but is it really what you are WANTING to do? And when you find that place you want to be, you can really focus your energy towards achieving that. You can point the car and go instead of driving around in circles, even if you have been admiring the countryside – LOL.

So, in confirmation of that, today’s “quote of the day” in my inbox was this:

“The most important thing about having goals is having one.”
– Geoffrey F. Albert

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