Last night John and I drove up to San Jose to meet up with a group of old friends. Frank was visiting from the east coast on business, and Ellen (a.k.a. Mui) decided to make a small “do” of it by inviting John and me and our friend Ronni along tom had airport shuttle duty and couldn’t make it). Ellen and Bob treated us to some excellent food and spirits at Gordon Biersch and although it was really loud in there, screaming over the din worth it and a ton of fun. We also strolled the streets of San Jose, which has a LOT of rather large trees for a downtown area. 🙂 Here’s a photo I took (thus I’m not in it, but I posted another photo of me a few posts down – go see that – LOL) of the group at Ellen and Bob’s place before we left for dinner:

Frank Webster, Ronni Shields, Ellen Young, Bob Young, John McNally

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