Okay, bats are apparently passe’ – now it’s snakes. Driving out today, saw two dead snakes in the road, one seemed to be a gopher snake (non-poisonous) and the other could have been a scarlet king snake (consulting the little snake book and comparing with my rapidly dimming recollection.) Both were about three feet long and appeared to have been run over whilst crossing the road. When I got back, I was about to walk up to the gate, when I looked down and saw a little two foot long snake just lounging in the shade between me and the lock. I thought it was a gopher snake, but it didn’t seem interested in moving and I couldn’t find a stick to move it with (luckily I could tell it didn’t have a rattle). So, I went to the other gate instead, got home, and checked on the meaning of snakes. I’m sure none of you will be surprised that it’s a symbol for rebirth and resurrection and all that (skin shedding, etc.). 🙂 Sounds good to me.

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