Well, today we went to pick up the rental car to use while the Honda’s getting repaired. We were scheduled to pick up a Ford Escort sized car, but they didn’t have any left, so they gave us a free upgrade to a MINIVAN! It’s rather cool looking, as far as minivans go – a silver Dodge Ram with a rather stylish looking front end. It even tells you what direction you’re pointing! A great plus about this is that we can use the minivan to do a massive recycling and dump run. The Honda Civic is a great little car, but there are some things that just WON’T fit in it – LOL. AND the BEST thing is that we were still getting FM radio reception when we got to our front door! And yes, this is unusual – completely unheard of actually. Most stations, in the Honda, have faded out before we even get to the top of our road, twelve miles away. Woo Hoo! {doing the dance of joy}

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