If you’re interested in the future of content, art, artists, money, and the internet, there’s a rather interesting discussion going on here about possible solutions, including micropayments, content vs. medium compensation, etc. (link via evhead) I think the whole idea is fascinating – not just because we need to figure out a new system because of the ease of digital copying, but also because all of these ideas raise questions about our base assumptions about the whole “money” and “compensation” and “making a living” model to begin with.

In new age circles I’ve heard many people say, “By 2012, money will no longer be used.” Sometimes I think people want to believe that because of the massive negativity that is generally attributed to the symbol of “money” in the first place, and they’d just rather be rid of it altogether. This being the case, I think it’s NOT just going to go away and we’re going to have to transform it into something that DOES work “for us” instead of something we must sell our souls for in order to survive. 🙂 And throw the internet and the digital revolution in there and there’s a TON of stuff to sift through and examine. Just what I need – something else to think about – LOL.

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