And then there’s the “holodeck” theory of living. *grin* Meaning that we create our realities via our thoughts and focus, through our own infinite energy fields, and whatever we have around us, we created. I’ve had things disappear and reappear in an unlikely spot later and can contest to these reality shifts personally. So given those, what makes me think that any kind of ‘economic system’ is any more than a creation of my old expectations and way of believing? Perhaps the transition is us all just doing what we love to do, and creating what we need to create, without having to fall into old, linear, cause and effect thinking, and THEN some kind of ‘system’ of interactivity between people will become apparent. (deep thoughts for the metaphysically inclined.)

Would you believe that this morning, I had no intention of writing any of this stuff? Was mostly thinking about what to have for breakfast.

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