I’m thinking of the ‘open source’ idea as a symbol of, perhaps, a new business model, as I know many others do. I am encouraged also by people like Ev at Blogger who says that he won’t go to a PAY model for blogger, not because it wouldn’t work, but because he doesn’t WANT to. I really love people who insist on following their own ideals, instead of falling back to old systems just to make a little money.

And there are sites that are basically running off of donations (via pay pal and the new amazon honor system, etc.) which is also a cool way to do things. It got me thinking of the whole money thing. I mean, in the old system, the money has to come from SOMEWHERE, even if a portion of the people are running off donations from others – meaning – SOMEONE has to WORK for the money. I know this might sound insane, *grin* but I know from personal experience that sometimes things just SHOW UP when they are supposed to, and in any infinite number of ways. What I want to do is open up my thinking to allow that with money as well – in order to perhaps try to understand what NEW kinds of economic systems could actually work. Tie that back in with ‘open source’ and it gives me a lot to think about! Good thing I like thinkering. (Oh, and I also want to add that working for money and having a lot of money are perfectly cool ways to do things too! And could definitely fit into some ‘future model’ as well.) I suppose something that also helps is that I know practically NOTHING about how a current economy operates, but I do have a pretty good intuitive grasp of ‘systems’ in general. Yes, these are the kinds of things that keep me from getting bored – LOL.

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