John was listening to a public radio station in the car, and they announced that they have a slot open and are taking proposals for a show! When he got home, John emailed them about doing a show on ‘conscious creation’ and they wrote back and say they are intrigued – how about a detailed proposal! So we may be doing a conscious creation radio show sometime soon – wow! We’ve been tossing around ideas and jotting them down. They also asked for a demo tape, so we’ll have to create one of those too, probably. The original timeslot they mentioned was Saturday from 2 a.m. – 5 a.m. (doh!) but when the program director wrote back, he said something about keeping the weekends for music and maybe we could do it during the week instead? I don’t know if that also means a different time, but we’ll see. The only other ‘thing’ is that although it’s the most ‘local’ public radio station, it’s still like an hour and a half away. Hmmmm. Lots of things to put into place here, but it’s exciting!

Also, the other site we’re working on is also coming together nicely… hardly know what to work on first! BLAH! *grin*

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