I’ve prowled through a lot of weblogs in the last few days, mostly just soaking up the web design. There are a lot of really cool designs that you might say would fall into the ‘hip’ category. The funny thing is that, with good web design, the hip and the geekly tend to blend – a hip design requires geekly skills. What’s also interesting to me is that no matter what I design, although I often love the way they come out, they never seem to be what I’d consider ‘hip’. They’re probably not even that geekly, considering that I keep the html rather simple.

Ever feel like you’re living BETWEEN worlds?

Hmmm… maybe I belong to the category of those who take a little from each category, as they like it. Oooh – that’s it! I’m in the “miscellaneous” crowd! Think I’ll go make up some t-shirts – LOL.

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