MSG (monosodiumglutimate) is pure evil. Yesterday we went out to lunch, and although we didn’t catch on at the time, I’m sure they put it on the fries. They tasted much more ‘salty’ish than usual. And by the end of the meal, I felt overly stuffed (the amount of food I ate wouldn’t account for that) and felt like I wanted to guzzle down gallons of water. My lips even started to feel dry and chapped! When we got home, both John and I drank water like fishes, and figured out what had happened. Ugh! What happened to cooking food so that it tasted good on its own – I don’t remember the restaurant saying that their fries were ‘seasoned’ either.

John noticed that the cooks at work who smoke tend to overseason (all relative, yes, I know) the food, and I know that when my mom smoked, she could eat blistering hot chicken wings without blinking. Is there a pattern here? Maybe. But you can BET I’m going to tell them to hold the MSG next time, although I don’t want to be one of those restaurant patrons that goes around asking, “Does your food have MSG in it?” all the time. Or maybe I’ll have a little fun with it. I’ll tell them that if I eat MSG I’ll explode like a blow fish and DIE – heh heh. (I know – some people have very serious reactions to MSG – mine was ‘mild’ in comparison.) Anyway – I’m feeling a little more ‘normal’ now – am never creating THAT again – that just sucked!

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