So, is the distinction you’re alluding to like this: “NAPSTER.COM” as the site, and “NAPSTER” itself as the program? I can agree that the way most news services talk about it sounds like you go to the napster web page and download things directly from there. I heard some of the most ridiculous leading/ignorant questions on the radio about this yesterday – like, “So, Napster’s purpose is the downloading of copyrighted material” – luckily the guy they were interviewing had more discernment, “Napster’s purpose is to encourage file sharing, and SOME use that to share copyrighted material.” Personally, I think the whole thing is stupid – most people I know WANT to OWN the CDs and Napster should have been USED by the record companies for free press at the very least. It’s like trying to hold back a wave instead of learning to surf along with it and get what you want out of the experience. Can’t put the genie back into the bottle, and you can’t stop creation – it’s the nature of life.

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