There’s NOTHING like the feeling of creating! You get all excited thinking about it, and how the details are going to come together. And when you’re brainstorming with a friend, it gets even better! Ideas get thrown around at amazing speeds. There’s no TIME to think about what you don’t want to do anymore – LOL.

BTW, shifting from a reactive stance, where you’re holding your energy BACK from something (focusing on something you don’t like) into a creative stance (focusing on what you DO want to create and FLOWING your energy) certainly feels like ‘taking charge’ of your life. Especially when you just make that shift. Like, the other day, I saw all of these thoughts about cleaning in my head and I was reacting to them and holding my energy back from them in a way (not the good way though). They were thoughts from Mom – “have to”s – that kinda thing. And I realized that I WANTED to do some cleaning and finally said “Fuck it!” to the old sense of rebellion in me. I didn’t need to rebel anymore – the only thing I was rebelling against was my own continued assertion about those old thoughts. So I just dropped ’em and said, “Hell – I WANT to do some cleaning!” And suddenly my energy was FLOWING again! I LOVE really obvious demonstrations like this – it helps me in the situation and helps me apply it to other ‘creations’ I want to experience.

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