I have learned many things in the few years that we have been burning our non-recyclable trash in a burn barrel out here in the boonies.
* Thick blackish smoke means you’re burning/melting a plastic container, which often makes a pop and woosh sound as it decompresses.
* Popcorn and grease in a fire aren’t as exciting as they might seem they’d be.
* Regular ol’ copy paper (like old bills too) is ridiculously hard to burn.
* Thick blackish smoke that smells like noxious chemicals probably means the fire got to that old DRAINO container you tossed.

And today’s lesson:
* There’s a reason why “Do not puncture or incinerate.” is on the side of all aerosol cans and other cans under pressure. One of John’s old shaving cream cans found its way into the burn barrel today, and EXPLODED with a GUN SHOT intensity and SOUND. The barrel was fine, but the heavy mesh grid we keep over the top had a two inch deep raised welt in about the same shape as a can end. It felt like someone had just shot a shot gun right next to my head. … I don’t think I’ll test them on the “do not puncture” part – I’ll take their word for it. *grin*

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