It’s no wonder that many ‘new age spiritual’ types have such negative feelings about money and power – the most dominant expressions of it in movies and tv is negative! But there are also extremely creative examples of money and power that we tend to overlook as actually BEING examples of money and power. Take George Lucas and Steven Spielberg – they have SO MUCH money – they weild TREMENDOUS power – and they are extremely creative! People like them are my new role models. I’ve always had this nagging doubts about who I’d become if I had money and power, but you know what? I trust myself! And the silly power games in the negative examples in the media just BORE me to even think about. With MY power – I’m going to CREATE. I’m going to make my life a work of ART! Artists don’t have time to futz with all the other crap. Besides, channeling your own creative energy is such the ultimate high that nothing else can really compare. I’ve been really creative even with limited resources, and that’s taught me to focus on what I want and allow creative solutions that wouldn’t perhaps be allowed outside the usual framework of how things happen. But you know what? While working with limited resources can be rewarding, I’ve been there, done that, to death. My interests have expanded now, and I want to find out who I am WITHOUT all of those old boundaries and limitations! YES! It’s like going from painting with white and blue oil to seeing what you create when you have all the watercolors, acrylics, and oils you want, including different surfaces, fabrics, metals, jewels – etc. – you name it!

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