Hey Everyone! Not long after I posted the previous message here, we lost power. Now we’d been wanting some rain so we could replenish our water tank, which was dangerously low. So it rained and rained and rained – unfortunately, when we lost electricity in the middle of all the rain on Wednesday, we also lost the ability to pump the well! We stuck it out here on Wednesday night, but Thursday just got way too cold and we weren’t sure how much water we actually had (for showers, flushing the toilet, etc.) so we booked it to a motel close to where John works, with dogs in tow. It was actually a nice change – not just because of the heat, the nicer bed, and the abundance of water, but also the little things… like having CARPET and walking around barefoot. Our little house out here is very… “camp” like (not ‘kitsch’ but like a real CAMP camp) and walking around barefoot just isn’t a pleasant experience (for most of us, that is, not mentioning any names tom) – too much grit and dirt and other stuff (since our yard is sandy dirt and then WET sandy dirt) and its COLD too. So anyway – we’re back now – miss us? LOL.

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