tom posted a great story about the wine in his cupboard changing to the one he wanted instead of the only one the store had… and that reminded me of a shift I made in the grocery store the other day. I was looking for motzarella cheese. Now, we’ve just about given up on finding whole-milk motzarella, so we usually get part skim, particularly in this one brand all the stores seem to be overly fond of. I picked up the part-skim, and then suddenly looked to my left and where there hadn’t been any before, there were suddenly WHOLE MILK motzarellas AND whole milk ricotta – with a blue spot on the label where the other one was green. Did I not see them at first because I didn’t expect them to be there or did I create them because that’s what I REALLY wanted? Doesn’t really matter how we describe it – in the end we’re going to have a kick-ass baked ziti and that’s what I wanted. *grin* Merry Christmas Eve!

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