Sometimes I forget that even if people have a general metaphysical background that ‘you create your own reality’ ideas can be somewhat startling. And to hear that others really believe that the world is created through your focus, your beliefs, and that it’s ALL beliefs and no absolutes, well, even if THEY don’t believe it, it may shake a lot of their assumptions about well, EVERYTHING. And when you shake a foundation, people are bound to yell, “HEY, CUT THAT OUT, YOU IMBECILE!” And when people are scared, they either run away or attack because they think that they (their beliefs) are being attacked.

People are NOT their beliefs. But when a belief remains unchanged for an entire life it would certainly seem to be a valid assumption. It’s hard to picture yourself or who you are in a new framework, when you weren’t even really aware that there was even an OLD framework to begin with.

Having a few out of body experiences has really helped me to see the potential of ME in other frameworks. It’s like finding out there are different games to play – “who am I now?” Mind boggling and unnerving at first, perhaps, but definitely worth the learning curve.

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