How do you deal with people who want to ‘save the world’? Who only talks about how important it is that we save the world? That’s not so bad unto itself, but many times these are the same people who will never talk about themselves, what THEY are actually doing to “save the world” or even in general or even who they really are. Sometimes I think the need to save the world (not just the desire for change) is the only way they can express that THEY need help or attention – it just seems like they’ve left themselves behind. This comes particularly obvious when you engage them in conversation for any length of time. I mean, if you had a friend who only talked about saving the world, wouldn’t you eventually stop having lunch with them because of the preaching and repetition? Or say something like, “I am doing this and this because I believe in them. What are you doing?” Sometimes you really have to talk about the details or the concepts become meaningless blather- you have to wed the two.

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