Finally, an organization and even perhaps a political party I can get behind! *grin* The World-Wide Federation of Witches & Wizards For a Free World (Thanks for the link, Summer! (oh, and great collage image you created and posted on your page!)) We appear, actually and/or virtually, in public actions (political rallies, protest actions, shopping malls, birthday parties, etc.), Dressed in robes & pointy hats, casting spells for a better tomorrow! Literally! A better next day for all concerned! Who could argue with that? This will bring a bit of color, imagination, &, well, dash, to the dismal process of changing the world! As the American life is painfully materialistic, narrow, humorless, khaki-colored and suicidal, what else but wizardry is called for? What do we want? To Change the World! How do we do it? Gently!

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