Sometimes the reasons that I THINK I’ve done something are just surfacy explanations for why I’ve once again followed my intuition. It occurred to me a while ago that the rigid rules that we often live by are completely powerless unless backed up by our creative energy – for instance, just tell a baby when it should be born – LOL. It’ll come when it’s damn well ready. And in truth, we can apply that same process to things such as monthly bill payments, but we tend not to think of them like that. We BELIEVE in their rigid structures and the bad things that will happen when we don’t adher – that gives them the energy to seem real. But, it also takes a lot of EFFORT to be so scheduled and rigid in this way, because it’s not necessarily working with the natural ebb and flow of energy. And it seems weird and wrong (according to the rational mind), but when I’ve actually had the courage to just follow my intuition, particularly when I’m NOT doing something by the rules, it’s easy and turns out just FINE. My intuition is always right because it’s me communicating with my creative energy – it’s not believing the silly rules and stories we tell ourselves about what SHOULD be.

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