The channeled entity Abraham says, “We don’t know anybody that wants anything, whether it’s a change in their body, or a physical condition, or a relationship, or an event, or a pile of money- we don’t know anything that anybody wants that isn’t for the same reason, and that is you THINK that in the HAVING of that manifestation you will feel better. And what we’re saying is- you MUST find a way to feel better FIRST, then the manifestation will happen.”

Despite my desire to manifest a nice chunk of money, I have always known I was looking for something ELSE too, for MYSELF. One thing I had to do in order to find myself was shed the pressures of TRYING to create money – couldn’t do it “just because” I “had to” pay bills – that’s an outside motivator. I had to look inside and find why *I* wanted to pay bills. Somehow, though, in the middle of this quest, I bumbled into myself – LOL.

Here’s an excellent waking up point – with the help of a little extra inflow of cash, I was able to go out and buy John’s birthday present early this year. I was very happy to buy it and know John will love it, and also knew that it didn’t “fulfill” me. You know how sometimes you think “Oh THIS will solve all my problems and I’ll be happy then.” Well, it didn’t, and I wasn’t surprised. That incident was just the turning point for REALLY discovering happiness though. Yes, I have the secret to happiness – come closer and I will tell you… closer…. closer…. UH – TOO CLOSE. *grin*

The secret to happiness is: Be yourself, be WITH yourself, enjoy it – you will never be lonely, you will never NEED, and the outside world will mirror this no matter which way you turn. 🙂

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