You don’t have a real appreciation of INERTIA until you’ve stood at the base of a hill with a 30 degree gradient and six 500+ pound COWS come RUNNING down through the sagebrush, in your general direction. *grin*

Well, Tom says he’ll hopefully get back to posting soon, maybe later tonight – he has lots to say about his recent “flip off the log”. {pre-apology mode on} Now, I’ve HEARD that breaking bones can be as easy as falling off a log, but are front flips that easy too? {pre-apology mode off}

When you take a photo of a pan of baked ziti, the photo somehow looks wrong. I mean, in real life, the gooey cheese and pasta and sauce look heavenly, but in a photo, they just look kinda SHINEY. This is another thing that I never would have known had I not had a digital camera to mess with – god bless technology. *grin*

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