You know all the hype about good dot-com names running out – well, “they” have chosen some new suffixes – get ’em while they’re hot? I think the “.biz” one is annoying simply because of the spelling – it reminds me of “donuts” and “thru” and those kind of societal word shortenings – blah. Anyway…

.aero: Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques, an international aviation group, proposed .air for the airlines, airports, computer reservation systems and related industries. ICANN wants .aero instead as an alternative more globally recognized.

.biz: From JVTeam LLC, a suffix specifically for businesses. ICANN found it the strongest of several .biz proposals. It is unclear how the company would handle requests from individuals and non-business groups.

.coop: The National Cooperative Business Association wants a special designation for business cooperatives such as credit unions and rural electric coops. The suffix would be available for members of the group and its counterparts worldwide.

.info: Afilias LLC, a consortium of 19 registration companies, wants .info as a truly global option, as most .com registrations are in the United States.

.museum: The Museum Domain Management Association, a group created through the International Council of Museums, wants the suffix for accredited museums worldwide.

.name: The Global Name Registry Ltd. wants a category for individuals. It would reserve second-level names such as and let individuals register or It is not clear how the company would deal with multiple individuals named John Smith.

.pro: RegistryPro Ltd. wants .pro for professionals. Physician John Doe, for example, could register as If John Doe were a lawyer, he could register as Individuals would have to prove their professional status., .net and .org addresses do not require that documentation.

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