But wait! There’s more on the “Jim Twins”!! (see previous post for beginning of story.) DEFINITELY confirms my probable self theory… “Each one of them had an adopted brother named Larry, and each had a dog named Toy. At school, both of them had enjoyed math, but did rather poorly in English; they had both worked for the same burger chain when they were young; both had law enforcement training; and both twins had worked as gas station attendants at the same time, different stations. As adults, they had both married women named Linda, and had divorced about the same time. Both of their second wives were named Betty and they both had sons that were named James. One of them named their son James Alan, the other one named his son James Allen. Both twins had identical smoking and drinking habits, bit their nails compulsively, and had gone on diets to lose exactly 10 pounds just before they met.” See, I don’t think it’s genetics – I think DNA is actually just a REFLECTION of who we choose to be, not what MAKES us be something. So because their DNA is the same (split from the same zygote) they start off with basically the same ideas of what they want to experience, and then as they go make slight changes to the plan according to their individual tastes. (That’s as far as my theory goes on that – LOL.)

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