Another one funky story from my own life when I was living in the Seattle area: “I’d planned on going over to my friend Becky’s house that morning. As I was standing in my bathroom with the door open, brushing my hair while looking in the mirror, I suddenly changed my focus from my own image and looked “past” myself to the reflection behind me. Now, usually I don’t do this, mostly because it’s just the reflection of the side of the refrigerator in the kitchen. This time, however, my heart lurched in my chest and I spun around. I could have sworn there was a huge, thick, block of a man made out of greenery and leaves standing right there! But when I turned around, all I saw was the side of the refrigerator, with a few plants sitting on top and a few sparse vines dangling down the side. Now, you might say that I just saw the plants and misinterpreted the image – I’d almost buy that EXCEPT… At the same time (we confirmed this later) Becky was standing in her kitchen making coffee. She turned around and completely filling her doorway was a huge green man! It stared at her and she stared at it for a full split second before her brain caught up with her, scared her, and then the green man was gone. We were pretty excited when we exchanged stories about an hour later, needless to say.” (The green man is also a great legend – Celtic origin I think – dealing with nature spirits!)

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