I just remembered that WE have our very own original ghost story to tell too! Here it is as we wrote is down… “Merlin (our five-month old puppy) was running around the house, barking at seemingly nothing – we joked about having ghosts in the house. Then, Kristen was in the bathroom, while John was playing with Merlin in the kitchen. Suddenly, John watched from across the room as the cabinet doors above the sink opened by themselves and two glass pyrex dishes came crashing down into the sink. The two dishes survived the fall intact, and managed to miss six (treasured) Looney Tunes glasses soaking in the other half of the sink. The bowls had been positioned in the MIDDLE of the cupboard. Seemed like someone wanted our attention. So, we decided then to see if we could get something through the Ouija board. The energy came in quickly…. It spelled out “Heidi” and said yes when we asked if she had lived here in the past. Then we got something like “Stop tearing my world apart…” We got the impression that she had died, but didn’t know it and was confused by OTHER PEOPLE changing around her house – something like that. Then she told us that the walnuts we had in a bag had gone bad and not to eat them. (We’d had them for a while and so just tossed them out.) Then we got the impression of chaotic energy again and she said, “REST, I NEED REST…” We asked how we could help her, but the planchette just circled around – she didn’t know. So, on impulse we created a power circle to send her calm energy. Kristen sent her an image of a stable, calm, peaceful park setting, like in Jane Robert’s Oversoul 7 Trilogy, and told her to go there. Eventually we felt her energy calm down and felt she’d been able to focus on the park. Kristen also gave her the suggestion that someone would be along soon to help her – like maybe an aunt. We never heard from her again.”

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